Ethan Chloe and Espacio Interior have come together to create something unique and full of personality.

The Inferno collection came about on a trip to Los Angeles, while visiting one of the best tattoo parlors in the area. This place caught their attention due to its decoration from the 50s and they could not help but go inside. The minds of Ethan Chloe and Espacio Interior began to flow and imagine collections thanks to the angles that were so prominent in the decoration of that time: cars, furniture, fashion, etc.

They connected all the dots and merged them with the art of tattooing, achieving a very powerful and innovative collection with the essence of past times. The Inferno collection is initially made up of two armchairs, a sofa and three cushions, but they will not be the only items. Soon we will announce more news.

The pieces in the collection are upholstered in velvet, which makes them pleasant to the touch. However, they have a different visual aspect thanks to the union with a distressed denim print and a cartoon painting that closes the circle of a collection inspired by the happy American 50s.


Espacio Interior was born with the aim of satisfying the needs of its founders and is prepared to face creative ideas of a different nature, as new challenges.

Espacio Interior is a creative studio concept that encompasses interior design, graphics, furniture design, lighting, visuals and artistic work. Its founders always have an objective in mind with each work that is presented to them: that their designs and creations be conceptually groundbreaking and avant-garde.

Espacio Interior was born from the union of Germán Martín Loarte and Ernesto Rodríguez Corrochano, two lovers of formal and conceptual design with a high degree of modernity. Both passionate and trained in Arts with a specialization in industrial, graphic and interior design, they completed their studies in Madrid and Milan.

During their professional career they have been awarded with various furniture and lighting design prizes at a national level. Currently they have been working for 20 years on interior design projects for the home, restoration and institutional.

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